MITAC Overseas Recruitment Corp. provides recruitment services and deployment of professionals, skilled and unskilled workers. We have been successful in helping many Filipinos land a job in various countries in the Middle East, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Japan. These workers become a part of the success of the foreign companies they worked for.

Recruitment Process
In order for us to gather enough candidates suited for the job required by our foreign partner, we place advertisements in radios, television and in major Philippine newspapers and online job websites.

Selection and Interview
Applicants are required to submit all necessary documents such as school credentials, certificate of employment, training certificates and NBI/police clearance. These documents are then verified for authenticity.

All applicants undergo initial interview and assess their qualification if they are really qualified for the job being applied for.

We also make arrangements for clients/employers to conduct a personal interview with the candidates at their convenience through the following methods:

  • Personal Interview – Clients may opt to come to the Philippines. We will find a suitable venue to conduct the personal interview at the convenience of the client.
  • Online Interview – Employers may conduct a live video interview online through Skype.
  • Telephone Interview – We arrange interviews between the client and the candidate through the traditional telephone interview.


Medical Examination
Applicants who are selected and pre-qualified are required to undergo a through physical and psychological examination to see if he/she is physically and mentally fit for the job. A background check is also conducted with regards to his/her educational background, criminal or derogatory records and employment.

Once an applicant is successfully selected for the job, we take care and provide assistance to the applicants in processing their documents prior to departure:

  1. Processing of required documents at the Philippine Overseas and Employment Administration (POEA), a requirement of the Philippine government for every departing Filipino workers.
  2. Assistance in getting visa, if required.
  3. Conduct Pre-departure Orientation Seminars through our affiliate agencies to familiarize the workers about the culture and practices as well as the working conditions in the country they will work for.
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